MIS Project

DUE DATE: Spring 2016 Final Exam Week, 6:00 PM

PROJECT PRESENTATIONS: Last Day of Classes, Spring 2016, Maximum of 8 minutes per group

The student group websites are hosted on http://www.ghriga.com and are accessible a URL this form: http://g1x.ghriga.com. The student websites use WordPress (WP), which is an online, open source website creation tool. WP is perhaps the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system. It is used by news organizations, music sites, Fortune 500 companies, small companies, celebrities, etc.

Students will produce a prototype web site using WordPress as a content management system. Students will work in teams to apply MIS concepts and principles to develop an e-business prototype solution using reusable components suggested by the instructor. It is expected that the teams document the whole process from conception to system release. Student teams will be required to give periodic updates in terms of written reports or oral presentations. It is expected that student teams develop short presentations regarding their system prototypes and present it to the class at the end of the semester.

This team-based term project is worth 150 points. The prototype (out of 50 points) will be graded based on teamwork effectiveness, contribution(s), collaboration, and content and creativity. Group presentations (out of 50 points), see grading rubrics, will be scheduled either the last week of classes or during the final exam week. Student peer reviews will be used to in the assignment of grades to individual members. An additional 50 points will be earned in the planning activities of the project.


Step 1- Registering and activating your student account/forgetting your password

If you do not have access to your group website, please notify me immediately by email with subject “110 MIS Project.” If you forget your password, simply use “lost your password?” to get a new password.

Step 2- Securing your group website and avoiding hacking disaster

Every should designate a group member to be the security chief to oversee the group website. We will use iThemes Security plugin to secure and protect each of the group sites. Login into the group site and do the following:

  • Click on the bar menu item SECURITY


  • Temporaritly whitelist your IP – click on the blue button


  • Remove all high priority vulnerabilities by usinging Fix It button associated with each item
  • Remove all medium and low priority items except for the following remaining items:


Step 3- Protecting your website from spam 


  • Select the strictness you wish to establish in handling spam


Step 4- Installing your theme.

The default theme for all projects can be downloaded here. Installation instructions can be found by following this URL: installing your theme.

Sample Logos:










Sample Sliders: