Activity Assignment 3

October 7, 2015

Exercise 1. Consider the process for purchasing a textbook for one of your courses from the physical LIU bookstore. Consider what happens when you visit the physical bookstore on campus and search the shelves for the book. If found, you will take it to the counter and pay for it using your credit card, cash, check or book voucher. If you are unable to locate the book, you must ask the clerk for assistance in searching the shelves and eventually the bookstore’s inventory if it is in stock. If the clerk finds the book for you, you will pay for it and leave. If the book is not available locally, the bookstore clerk inquires about ordering the book for you from the warehouse or publisher. Once the ordered book arrives at the bookstore on campus, the bookstore clerk notifies of this information by phone, email or text message, and you would have to go back again to the store, pick up the book and pay for it. Draw the AS-IS process for purchasing a textbook from the physical LIU bookstore on campus.

Exercise 2. Notice that LIU Brooklyn bookstore has an internet portal and you may shop online. Take advantage of the internet and redesign the previous purchasing of a textbook process. Make sure that the new To-Be process documents what happens when the online bookstore does not have the book in stock.

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