MIS Case Report Guidelines

Template for your Analysis of the MIS Cases

Your analysis should include 4 Sections and the overall length should not exceed two Pages. If you have additional graphs, diagrams or other artifacts to support your analysis, please include them as an appendix. The 4 sections are:

Issue(s): Brief summary of the case and issues. Put only the prominent points. Write clearly and concisely. Do NOT use first or second personal pronouns. This opening section should make it immediately clear what case study and what issue(s) are being addressed.

Concept(s): Define the MIS theory discussed or referenced either implicitly or explicitly, by the case. Define any concepts that the reader needs to fully understand the case and your analysis. Do NOT mention the case here specifically. The focus should be on theory, concepts, and definitions. You may use bullet points here.

Discussion/Analysis: Discuss and analyze the case by responding to all of the focus questions. Make sure you bring out the salient points as they relate to your learning in class and MIS concepts. After analyzing the details of the case, it is appropriate to discuss how specific issues in the case have broader application beyond the case, if any.

Recommendation(s): Give your recommendations as you put yourself in a top management role. Make sure you provide a balanced perspective. For example, when making a recommendation explain both the rationale for a recommendation (the why) as well as its feasibility (the how).


  • Make sure you include the names of all group members
  • Do not use first and second personal pronouns
  • Do not begin sentences with and, but, or due to
  • Do check spelling and grammar
  • Do not exceed two pages; an Appendix is Ok and does not count towards the page limit.

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